The creators of the Rambo brand were disappointed in the quality of the Rambo 5 film

If film critics consider the quality of Rambo 5 film is "bad" and possibly the worst of the year. Although it sounds harsh and terrible, it really can't compare to what Mr. David Morrell (the creator of Rambo) when talking about his movie. He agrees with the negative comments for 'Rambo: Last Blood'.

For those unfamiliar, David Morrell is a Canadian-American novelist, famous for his debut novel First Blood in 1972, then adapted into a film of the same name, continuing to create film brands Rambo succeeds with the participation of Sylvester Stallone [who plays Rambo]. Authors and studios have been able to come to an agreement for years, which shows that both are beneficial. But, it seems that relationship may have broken recently.

Initial evaluations for the newly launched Rambo 5 (Rambo: Last Blood) were not nice. Most of the film's reviews are offended by something in the film, which is a matter of opinion. However, most of the negative reviews talk about problematic scenes, they are referring to script issues. Some have even compared it to past bad movies, which is quite harsh. Rambo creator David Morrell made some comments about his movie:

“I agree with these Rambo: Last Blood reviews. The film is a mess. Shame when my name is attached to it. ”

Rambo 5 movie quality

Even the author of the action movie brand didn't mention it because the quality of Rambo 5 was too poor

According to what critics have said about the film, First Blood takes a very different approach from 'Rambo: Last Blood' for the first time in the present. When we first saw Rambo, he was an antagonist in every way. Rambo stands up to abuse of power. However, this latest part of him seems to find a very different character. Ignoring politics, it's a lot different from what fans think of the John Rambo character they once knew.

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